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      Welcome to Foster-Healey Real Estate

      Foster-Healey Real Estate is an independent real estate company that has been locally owned since 1924. Our extensive experience - plus our passion for Massachusetts land and communities - means that we know the area better than anyone else in the industry. Our agents offer unbeatable expertise, and they are deeply involved in the communities that they live and work in.

      Our inventory offers endless possibilities; we manage listings that stretch from Leominster to Athol, and Townsend to Petersham - including Ashburnham, New Salem, Princeton, and Westminster (among others). Once a client steps through our doors, we consider them a part of the Foster-Healey family. As we move forward in the home buying or selling process, we progress together as a team, and we won't rest until all of your wants and needs are met. Welcome to the family!

      Remember to register with us to save your searches and favorite listings, and we can send you email updates when similar properties go on the market.

      Contact us with any questions or for more information! 


      Hablamos Espanol!


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